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Kate sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to terminally ill children at Bear Cottage hospice in Sydney

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I’m crying

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After spotting tearful 5 year old Isabelle Nixon, who was unable to see the stage and blocked in by other fans at the Invictus Games closing ceremony, Harry came to the rescue! He hoisted her on to his shoulders and then stayed to dance with her as the Foo Fighters took to the stage.

“Isabelle now says she’s a princess and tells all her friends she danced with ‘Uncle Harry’,” said her mother Taryn. “Her was the perfect gentleman and made everyone’s day, especially Isabelle’s.”

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"You know, its interesting about Stana. I do believe she could shoot somebody. No, seriously, there are a lot of actresses out there holding guns and you are like, eh, come on."

-Susan Sullivan (as Nathan laughs and agrees in the background), Deep Cover commentary (via alwayswritewithcoffee)
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7x01 “Driven” Sneak Peek (x)

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